Geological Support, Drilling And Well Testing Services On Land And At Sea

Service-nafta, llc. offers the services for support of geological drilling and well testing (including offshore drilling rigs).

Geological control over the course of works, provided by technical projects, Geological well program, geological and technical specifications for the geological services during drilling, includes:

  • Collection, collation and processing of the obtained primary geological materials during the construction and testing of wells;
  • Inspection of lithologic and stratigraphic sequence of species occurrence in the process of deepening of the well;
  • Rapid assessment of compliance with the actual conditions of the cut to the project conditions (lithology, depth of occurrence at reservoir conditions, etc.);
  • Control over core salvage, slop and fluids. The control field description of the core slurry;
  • Control over the delivery of core, cuttings, fluids to onshore base;
  • Organization and control of the completeness and the timing of the project provided by GIS;
  • Control over the exact measure of the stall and lowered drill casing pipe;
  • Establishment of coring and sludge intervals in the contract with the Customer’s Geological Department;
  • Determination of test intervals, the depth of coring;
  • Choosing together with the customer’s geological Department of objects to be tested:
  • Drafting of the Plan for the testing with the Customer’s Geological Department of;
  • Control over the correctness and completeness of training and deep deck equipment to the test;
  • Calculation of depression when swabbing;
  • Timing of standing on a tributary;
  • Timing of open flow period (HPC);
  • Control over the selection of the underlying (PVT) and surface (separator) fluid samples;

Participation in the assessment of the well in the preparation of the work plan for liquidation or conservation of the well.

As a result of geological support the maximum completeness and accuracy of the geological information obtained during the construction and testing of wells are reached, the final report on the geological drilling and testing completed.

Geological Department of Customer exempt from the presence of the employees at the facility.