​Representation In Mediation

Mediation in law is one of the ways of alternative dispute resolution (Alternative dispute resolution, ADR) with the participation of a third neutral, impartial, not interested in the conflict party – mediator who assists the parties to work out a definite agreement on the dispute, and the parties fully control the decision-making process for the settlement of the dispute and the conditions of its permit.

Mediation is the most gentle and peaceful way to solve the current issues of business partners without resorting to such methods as the claim procedure or trial.

Our specialists will help you to work out the right strategy for dialogue and implement it in the course of negotiations.

High level of professionalism, firm knowledge of law and legislation allow our experts to participate in the mediation procedure as efficiently as possible and bring the controversial situation in the consensus, which is the purpose of such procedure.

Saving good relationships with your partners necessary for your business is the main goal of our lawyers in the mediation procedure.

At the same time, while protecting the interests of the client, our experts never take any unfavorable and dangerous from a legal point of view steps, that may lead to negative consequences.

Competent analysis of the situation, strategic developments in the area of conflict resolution will not only help to resolve conflicts that arise, but also significantly reduce the potential costs (court, to the representative, etc.).

You can be sure that we will find a competent solution and prevent the occurrence of risks to you and your business.