​Hydrocarbon Reserves Estimation

Hydrocarbon reserves estimation is carried out by Service-nafta, llc.. since 2000 year. During this period, reports on reserves estimation have been made for oil fields of the Samara and Krasnodar Region.

Hydrocarbon reserves estimation is performed by specialized departments:

  • Department of reserves estimation;
  • Department of mathematical modeling;
  • close contacting with the adjacent parts of the company.

All factual material and additional sections of the reports ("Environmental Protection", "Building Materials") for the calculation of reserves are prepared directly in the company, if necessary with the involvement of scientific institutions of particular region.

Specialists of the Department of reserves estimation perform all the necessary works during estimation of reserves:

  • Justification of petrophysical dependency and calculation parameters
  • Complex Interpretation of GIS materials
  • Creating and justification of lithofacies models
  • Construction of two-dimensional and three-dimensional geological models
  • Hydrocarbon reserves estimation.

Reserves estimation is carried out basing on detailed geological model of the field, built with the help of modern software in sphere of geological modeling.

Reserves estimation is conducted differentially on objects with different FES for more accurate calculation of the oil recovery factor feasibility study of CIN deposits and in full compliance with current recommendations.

Specialists of the department of mathematical modeling carry out all the necessary maintenance work to build PDGDM:

  • Formation of hydrodynamic models
  • Feasibility study for the development of oil and gas fields

Calculation of technological options of development for evaluating oil recovery factor (ORF) is carried out upon a detailed geological and technological field model, built with the help of modern geological software and reservoir modeling.

Built on seismic data and GIS model is further adjusted basing on the results of well mastering (SDIP), adapted to all available development history - monthly oil and oil production rate for each well, and the measurements of reservoir bottomhole pressures, the dynamics of the average reservoir pressure for each stratum and deposits. The main part of these data verified by official statements stored in a database, which is regularly updated in the course of work.

Created geotechnical model of the deposit, which was adapted by a true record, is a powerful tool for the calculation of the forecast of options make the best decision on its further development and justification of CIN. The model allows to obtain all the necessary data on the Regulations , in both tabular and graphical form.

Functionality of reserves calculation Department

  • geological model based on the analysis of geological and geophysical data, the results of seismic exploration of 2D and 3D methods, materials research work and geological-field materials: drilling, field development;
  • detailed study of the geological structure, oil, gas, and the allocation of volumetric objects geometrization deposits based on the correlation of productive part of the section;
  • construction of three-dimensional geological model in accordance with the requirements of RD 153-39.0-47.00 using a wide range of software systems;
  • implementation of differential counting of oil and gas reserves;
  • generate reports on reserves estimation in accordance with the current SRC instructions, guidelines and regulations;
  • harmonization is used to protect and report on the NTS customer. Passing through state examination and defense of the report on reserves estimation in the respective organization.