Process Supervising

Service-nafta, LLC offers the services in construction supervising, development and research of prospecting, exploration and production of wells on the basis of the agreement concluded with the Customer.

In the well-building process Supervisor, a representative of Service-nafta, LLC – controls on behalf of the Customer the execution of works by drilling and other contractors in accordance with the detailed working project and Geological - technological task, DED and geological task. Any deviation from the Project documentation after review and approval by representatives of project organizations is to be agreed with the customer and the contractor and accepted for execution under the supervision of the supervisor. In case of accidents and complications the supervising department participates in the analysis of such an accident, in deciding and preparing a work plan for their settlement.

Supervisor on the drilling rig is equipped with computer equipment that allows him efficiently process the received information and transmit it to the central office by means of a satellite (cellular). Reporting form and the frequency is at customer’s discretion.

Upon completion of the well construction supervising department issues a final report, which includes:

  • A description of works on the wiring of the well;
  • Adjustment of bits;
  • schedule of construction;
  • Results of core collection and log cutting;
  • deviations from the project documentation made during construction;
  • consumption of materials;
  • time balance;
  • directional logging survey results and profile of the well;
  • BHA performance;
  • generalized comment on the progress of work and proposals on optimization of the construction and improvement of the quality and volume of the geological setting, etc.
  • Daily reports.

The experience of work on the construction of wells in the license area, occurrence, varying geological structure is also analyzed. A range of measures and technical solutions which are then captured in future project and estimate documentation.

All supervisors of Service-nafta, LLC have specialized higher education and experience in the construction of wells for at least ten years.

Service-nafta, LLC performs all kind of activities since 2003.

Our Customers are: Rosneft (Severnaya Neft, Krasnodarneftegaz, Purneftegas, Tomskneft, Yuganskneftegaz, Vostok Energy, RN-Exploration, VSNK, Vankorneft, RN-Shelf-Far East) MOL-Western Siberia, LLC, KALMROST, JSC, Samara-nafta, JSC, Yugneftegaz, LLC, Neftegazpromteh, LLC, Volga-Oil Resource, JSC, VINCA, JSC, NC Union, LLC, Venineft, LLC and others.