​Legal Audit

One of the basic services of our company is legal due diligence. For our partners We provide comprehensive legal services such as analysis of the organization, individual sections of the activity or specific documents or transactions for compliance with the current legislation, the current economic and judicial practice.

As a part of legal due diligence we provide complete information and legal advice on corporate history of the company – we check cleanliness of all the past transactions in order to determine a probability of negative consequences in the future.

In addition, our specialists successfully carry out legal due diligence of the management and staff. In any organization, management process is regulated by a number of internal documents, local acts, regulations and orders. Timely audit of this area helps to identify and fill gaps in internal documents, which can subsequently lead to sanctions imposed by monitoring and supervisory bodies.

Legal audit of property provides our partners with security of real estate transactions.

These provisions are equivalent for already completed transactions, and planned for. Buying property, it is necessary to carry out a legal analysis of property’s history to determine the possible conflict points.

Legal audit of the company’s commercial activity – a prerequisite of successful business. Check the legitimacy of the company’s commercial activity, the need to obtain licenses and special permits - our experts will conduct all the necessary procedures in accordance with the law and within a specified period of time.

Legal due diligence of contractual work of the company is also obligatory element of a comprehensive legal service. Due diligence of contractual operations involves evaluating the usual contractual practice of our partners’ companies, identification of risks of default counterparty risk claims counterparties, as well as the risks of tax penalties.

Of course, our specialists carry out and special and narrow-profile investigations, such as audit of specific areas, complex transactions, conflicts (civil, administrative, labor).

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